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NusaQu's Track Record of collaborating to build integrated livestock from upstream to downstream

About Us

PT Nusa Sentosa Indonesia (nusaQu) is an agritech startup company in the field of cattle farming. We utilize a comprehensive digital platform, integrating livestock from upstream to downstream.

 Our main focus is on creating an integrated livestock system and management that is efficient and sustainable from upstream to downstream. nusaQu is located in Tajurhalang Bogor with services in Jabodetabek and several regions in Indonesia.

nusaQu is a pioneer in combining livestock traditions with technological innovation, creating solutions that advance the cattle farming industry. Join us in creating a smarter, more efficient and sustainable future for farming.

Our Dreams

nusaQu has the passion and dream of collaborating with local breeders and all people who love the world of livestock to create a digital livestock system that is integrated from upstream to downstream in a sustainable manner

Our Vision

Collaborate to build an integrated livestock farm from upstream to downstream in a sustainable manner

Our Solution for Empowering the Indonesian Livestock Ecosystem

Livestock Efficiency Solutions

Building systems and technology to make livestock efficient

Meat Efficiency Solutions

Providing premium quality local meat products and processed meat

Feed Efficiency Solutions

Providing quality feed and feed management for efficiency

Waste Efficiency Solutions

Processing livestock waste to become more valuable through various innovations


PT Nusa Sentosa Indonesia

Jalan Kandang Sapi, RT.02/RW.08, Sasak Panjang, Kec. Tajur Halang, Kabupaten Bogor, Jawa Barat 16320

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